DR.DISH Q&A, March 2, 1997

DR.DISH Q & A   March 2, 1997
All of you with your analogue problems, thanks a lot for waiting. The next
Dr.Dish Q&A will try to answer all your questions. To much was been happend
on the digital front during the last days. Usually such problems could be
handled easily inside Internal TELE-satellite magazine or in the drdish@tv
show. Not this time. Even if you publish a mahzine every 14 days it would be
stone age information. So I choose this way to pass along the latest
development in the d-box case. My thanks goes to Dr.Overflow, M. Wienecke,
J.Prichard, B.Cooper and the two N.N.īs for their valuable 0 and 1 help.


F. Lehr from Germany:
Thanks for your services delivered during the last days. Some of the ideas I
turned into practice during the weekend. You did write something about
data-dump from the d-box. Could you publish this dump in some way and could
you decode some information? My regards to Dr. Overflow!

Thanks! I will pass on your regards, because he did much of the work. Yes,
we got the data-dump from the module and decoded quite a lot. We will have
it in the next drdish@tv show, since it is difficult to work on this service
with graphics.
After some more research, I am shure Dr.Overflow will discuss his findings
with you on one of our next shows live.

J.Stavi from Croatia:
I donīt want to mix around in my d-box, but would like to receive in
Thailand (i have to move in May) the European Bouquet via Asiasat. Is the
new MASCOM 9500 able to receive this free service and will you have some
comments on the next show?

The Mascom 9500 is build for this purposes ( and others). A first
test-receiver will arrive here shortly and certainly we will discuss this
receiver in the show and have a extensive report in International
TELE-satellite magazine.

T. Gade from Turkey:
Living in a weak signal region for ASTRA (Adana) I am using a 7m dish to
receive ASTRA 1A, but have problems to get proper pictures from rest of the
Astra-family. Grown up in Holland, I miss the four commercial stations. It
is possible to use a DIGITEX low threshold unit on a digital receiver?

Sorry, no chance at all. Valuable digital information get lost using a
DIGITEX. Even by extend your dish to 10m, the signal strength in Adana is
not enough to get the dutch digital channels.

A.F.Werner from Germany:
Re: Brainsorming ...
The above lines contain certainly the most existing information I have read
abou the D-Box so far!
Can the MPEG datastram be downloaded to the PC just by connecting a RS 232
to the internal bus of the D-Box?
If so, one could easily set up a digital VCR by writing this stream to a CD
in video-CD format and reading it later on via the Cd connector of the
D-Box??? And what about digital audio recording from DMX or MTV, VH-1...
(the rest of your problems will be dealed separatly. ed)

Leaving this one to an open discussion!

K.H. Tietz from Gran Canaria:
We we canīt import a d-box from Germany and get a activated card in the
official way?

Spain is the only country acting true European. This means, only receivers
are official permitted to be imported able to receive not only one national
package. If you have complaints about getting a activated card for this
german service and you are of german nationality, you (and many
others`should complain to the german "Kartellamt" in Berlin. This the only
way to get some results and open the artifical borders drawn in the sky by
some media-lords.

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Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europeīs first satellite info-channel

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