Receiving SSVC/TDRS

>Hello Dr Dish/Christian,
>We spoke a few weeks ago concerning the feed of SSVC on TDRS which you had
>writen about receiving in TELE SATELIT 11/12.  2 different responses have
>been sent to me just recently. One says they are in 4.0400H with an FEC of
>2/3, symbol rate of 5998. The other says they are on 4.0340LHC with an FEC of
>3/4 and symbol rate of 5692.  With the Panasat I bought I can so far receive
>nothing, however as the signal strength readout is almost zero, despite the
>fact that I am definitely looking at the satellite and receive a perfect
>analogue picture (occasional ITN on tr 23) I think the receiver is faulty - I
>set it to LNB off and then checked it with the setting LNB on but either way
>- it seems dead.  May I ask if either you or a collleague of yours with a C
>Band antenna which can receive TDRS - would check out the 2 different
>suggested settings to see if one or both work?  Please let me know the
>results if you can check this. Thanks.
>May I look forward to hearing from you in anticipation. 
>Regards  Simon

It took a while, because from my location I can´t see TDRSS very much,
because of a lot of trees. With the Panasat 520 we discovered some problems.
There are two different versions on the market. I got one last years which
did fine on scpc-channels and others did not. Somebody must convert them in
the "real one".
But now back to your SSVC-question:
I just received a report from Wolfgang Walter (thanks Wolfgang!) concerning
SSVC via TDRSS. He receives a clear signal in Germany with his d-box.
Without using the difficult service-menu. There is no use to program the
unit to the LOF of 5.150 GHz. Just use 9.75 or 10 GHz and add the difference
between receiving frequency (4.040) and c-band LOF (5.150) which is 1110
MHz. This means you have to use the frequency 10.860 GHz (LOF 9.75) or
11.110 GHz (LOF 10.0). The symbol rate is 5998 and the FEC is 2/3. Wolfgang
did the whole job with a 150cm dish.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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