S-band polarization

> Questions:  Hallo Dr.Dish. Fist of all "bedankt" for your very very
> interesting trasmission. Best whishes for more and more
> sponsors !
> Questions:Polarotor Cal 31975 KU/C/S band. The S-Band dipole
> allows only one polarization. Do you know if there is the
> possibility to add-on a part to get both polarities to my
> LT8700. Were could I get it?.
> Thank You in advance.
> P.S.: It is very hard to find Telesatellite in Rome!To date
> You find on sale 9-10.1996 publication ! Check what the
> distributor is doing!!
> A.Quattrone, Rome____________________________________________

thanks for the flowers...
There is noch such device to switch the polarization, but it can be done
manually. You have to make the hole round on the scalaring, in order to
turn the little antenna. If you have not left hands (as I have), a old
servomotor could do wonder.
The matter with TELE-satellite I passed on to the distribution dept.

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