TVSAT & THOR in Bucharest

>Questions:  Dear Dr. Dish,
>I asked a question some days ago, but I got no answer.
>Maybe you haven't received it so I repeat it.
>I live in Bucharest, Romania and I have a 2.5 metres 
>solid dish with a 0.7 gardiner quatroband lnb and a 17K
>Gardiner C-band lnb. My question is: why do you think I
>do not receive in acceptable conditions the channels from
>Thor at 0.8 west? Instead the Tv-sat channels are very 
>strong. Is it because of the circular polarization or the 
>dish size is too small for this satellite? The dish is very well
>aligned. I make clear that my receiver is a Pace 348G 
>and my D2-mac decoder is a Philips. Please answer me. Thanks.
Why is everybody so impatient this days?
TVSAT delivers for Bucharest an EIRP of around 41 dBW and the more to the
north aligned footprint of THOR leaves you with just 37 dBW. You could
improve reception in using a circular feed.
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