Re: D-BOX Middle-east report

At 21:10 07.12.1996 +3, you wrote:
>i have got my d-box from gremany. It is an italian-german version 
>that is able to receive and decode irdeto (works fine with DSTV) 
>The only problem is that it does not have the scpc upgrade.
>also, c-band reception is not trivial. It can only be done using a 
>"hidden" service menu (radio+99+radio+menu thanks to dr.dish)
>The video and audio quality is EXCELLENT. Far better than the pace 
>500 or the panasat. Also, the unit have a scsi port for an external 
>cd (could play CDV), 3 scart output (one with RGB for excellent 
>picture quality), 2 hi-fi audio out, a video control-signal and a 
>serial port to connect to the PC ... 
>It can memorize all the channels, so i you have a motorized 
>dish, you will not have to reset the parameters for each bouquet!
>I can receive the viacom bouquet from hot bird (Bloomberg 
>audio-video clear, vh1 mtv mtv3 vh1-export only audio is clear). With 
>my pace receiver, i only get no tv service/no audio service!!!
>Star Tv is broadcasting in digital from Asia-Sat2
>With my new D-box i was able to receive the following channels in 
>clear :
>3900V : rate : 28100 fec 1/2 :   Star TV China, Sky News, VIVA Movies 
>(china not related to viva europe), and two star TV test cards.
> (no bbc)
>Encrypted : 3700 28100 fec:3/4  (not 1/2 as mentioned in satco-dx)
>the panasat and pace dvr 500 will not be able to receive these 
>channels ! (no service) 
>Finally, i was able to receive filmnet hallas (1f4, 11095, 25380, 
>3/4) and memorize it using  the service menu. (if u use manual search it
will give u No TS)
>The best feature is the Rs error rate. It gives a constant reading on 
>the LCD display so u can check the signal reception quality (very 
>helpfull with filmnet because the satellite is on an inclined orbit)
>I am still testing, so more info on the d-box will follow!!!!
>this message is sent to Henk Room, Dr.dish and Christian Lyngemark.
>best regards to u all
>keep up the good work
>ghassan tabet

thanks a lot for this report. To help you further with scpc, just send me
the number of the installed software version. Anyway, you enjoy the box much
more then many Europeans.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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