Strange Panasat behaviour

>Dear Dr Dish,
>I bought a Panasat IRD 520 (DVB digital) receiver here in Australia about a
>month ago and have been experiencing some strange behaviour with it that I was
>hoping you might be able to help with.
>One other friend of mine (who I have cc'd this message to) has bought an
>identical system to mine (1.8m solid dish, California Mini-Mag 25k LNB, Panasat
>IRD520 receiver) and he is also finding the same problem with his unit.
>Basically, we find that if we completely unplug the Panasat (say, to move it
>somewhere else) from the power point, when we plug it back in, the unit has
>trouble locking back onto the channel (European Broadcasting Bouquet @4000Mhz).
>It just shows the 3 or 4 LED lights on the front panel and shows "Searching for
>default frequency" on the screen.
>Sometimes you then get the dreaded "No Signal" display on the tv screen.
>Eventually, after turning the unit on and off a few times, and perhaps
>it (powering it on while holding down the "P" key on the front panel), the unit
>"comes to life" and you get the services to watch.
>Last night however, something really strange happened to my friend's unit.
>one such powering off/on of the unit, he left his Panasat on all night
>"Searching for default frequency". This morning, still nothing locked on. He
>then tried pressing the [TV] key (bottom right hand side of the remote
>the receiver then displayed a "1" but no picture.
>He then pressed the [4] channel button which is the Spanish channel we watch
>(TVE International) and TVE came up fine. But now, this is the ONLY channel he
>can get instead of the 4 other ones that make up the EBB (RAI, MCM, DW,TV5).
>Have you ever experienced this sort of strange behaviour on the Panasat IRD
>We get the impression that once it is working, the unit might be ok
(although it
>runs much too hot for our liking) but if you ever lose power for whatever
>reason, it can take a long time to get it working again.
>Any tips and/or experiences you've had with the receiver would be much
>Thank you,
>= Tony =

Your are not the first one who reported this. Yesterday I talked to the
technicans from DW-TV and they know the problem. It´is not a problem of your
Panasat, but responsible is a small change of data-transmission. DW-TV will
try to solve the problem and you Panasat should work again properly. No time
could be given. Good luck!
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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