DW-TV in Kenya

>Country:  KENYA
>Questions:  We are receiving the European bouquet (RAI, DW, etc.) on
Asiasat 2 with a 16 foot Dish and the Pace IRD but the picture keeps on
freezing at times. Is it because of the Multichoice software because we are
using the same IRD for the C-band Multichoice bouquet on PAS-4 ? Is it
possible to find the RAI and DW channels on any other satellite ? Thanks.
Please let me know which Pace-model is in use. A 16 foot dish (proper
aligned!) should the job in Kenya, but bad weather will kill the signal
(frozen picture). Check the parameters: 4.000 GHz, 28.125 Msmb/sec, FEC:
3/4. The MC-software should not affect the reception of the European
Bouquet.The next problem could be your feed. The E.B. via AsiaSat-2 uses
linear polarization (horizontal) in c-band. Have a look if you got a linear
or circular feed.
With your large dish you could receive DW-TV (only) via INTELSAT 707 at 1°
West. (3.9115 GHz, circular , RHCP, 8.022 Msymb/sec, FEC 3/4). On this
satellite circular polarization is used and your Pace will not work on SCPC
(no package, only a single carrier). For this satellite you could use NOKIA
or Panasat 520D.
Anyway, first check on AsiaSat the correct parameters, polarization of the
feed and if everything is fine, check the alignement of your dish (azimuth
an elevation).
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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