Re: Chaparral-Statement

The following statement reached us today. The discussion started some weeks
ago with a question about buying an "older Version" of Monterey. In my
answer, I did not (and do not) recommend ("unsufficent IF range")is older
version. The model 140 was not mentioned. Then, the owners club of SCT
defended their own model. My answer was: it is risky to buy in Italy a
SCT-receiver, because in case of service it would be difficult to get
instant help. I never called the SCT as "the best". And if a manufacturer
calls their own equipment as "simply the best", this is a part of
advertisment and not reality. The reaction of the SCT-club and from
Chaparral-Europe remembers a little bit of the behaviour of a insulted
religious sect. For the rest: I can´t change my own statement.

t 14:49 23.11.1996 +0100, you wrote:
>Mr. Mass -
>It has come to our attention this comment you wrote on 3 November regarding
>Chaparral and SCT receivers.  You comment that the SCT receivers are the
>best, and while this is debatable (we have found the software to be very
>buggy), I am writing only to clarify some points about Chaparral, and
>request a written retraction to be posted by you.
>You state the Chaparral future I "not very shiny".  This is a truly
>uninformed statement.  Just because you don't know what Chaparral is doing
>currently doesn't mean Chaparral is not doing well!  
>Chaparral still makes and sells the 140 receiver for Europe and other
>non-US markets.  This piece of equipment has been widely hailed as the best
>of the best.  As well, Chaparral is very busy in the core business of
>microwave equipment - feeds and the like.  The demand for this equipment in
>Europe is way down for the entire industry, so Chaparral can hardly be
>singled out as not performing here in Europe.  Ask any manufacturer.  
>Chaparral's business in the Middle East, central and south America, and now
>Asia, continues to thrive and grow.  We have staffed offices in five
>countries, covering each of the critical regions.
>Chaparral is also working aggressively in the commercial aspect of the
>satellite industry: VSAT, educational television, and business television
>networks.  Manufacturing and managing these networks is complex technology,
>and Chaparral is considered one of the leaders in aspects of each of these
>You insinuate in your short comment that Chaparral is not going to be
>around in the future.  As I mentioned before, this is simply not accurate,
>and stated from an clearly uninformed view point.  I would urge you to call
>Chaparral Europe at any point to clarify questions you may have -
>especially BEFORE you write anything particularly critical about Chaparral.
> The telephone number is +31 72 57 21171.
>Pardon the terse tone of this message, but it doesn't do anyone any good to
>be spreading misinformed inuendo around.  Please do us the favor of
>printing a comment changing what you wrote on November 3 - it will be good
>for your credibility as well as setting the record straight for us.
>Craig Howard
>Rens Maas
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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