Spying via Satellite

As an subscriber to TELE-satellite since july 96 I missed all your sattelite
spy stories. Now a freind from Europe copied all your stories and I got my
own "book". It`s great stuff and available in this quality in any other
publication. Now my question:
North-Korea is country with closed borders. Not only on the ground, but also
in communication. Still there is a flow of information reaching foreign
agencies. Do the North-Koreans have satellite communication and could i
listen in (SCPC and FDM)?
F.H.H., Chon Buri/Thailand

As an INTELSAT-member North-Korea uses for international traffic two INTELSATīs:
The earthstaion PYONGYANG-1 (PYY-01A) uses the 60° east-position in the
c-band with FDM, SCPC and Video. So this one is very interesting for
somebody of language knowledge.
PYOGYANG-2 (PYY-02A) works on 174° in c-band an IDR (intermediate data rate).

North-Korea has no SNGīs or other domnestic or mobile uplinks, but I believe
if somebody likeīs to learn something international and also internal
Furthermore one should have a look on the eastern GORIZONTs,(Staionar-13,
Transponder 8 and 10) because N-Korea is also a member of the
Intersputnik-Organization and uses for traffic a C1-station, which means a
antenna of 10-12m with a G/T> 31 dB/K in the c-band is used.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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