Re: European Digital Transmission receivable in North America

At 15:09 19.10.1996 -0400, you wrote:
>>From the North east coast of the USA may I ask if you can confirm what can be
>received digitally from Europe on Atlantic satellites, wether it is possible
>to obtain the necessary receivers for such progamming and, if so, where from?
>Specifically I have found BBC World in Digicipher 1 with 3 other channels -
>various intermittent feeds - on the Intelsat at 53degrees west. I suspect
>there are several other digital feeds using different methods, such as
>Digicypher 2 and DVB? 
>Thanks for your help with this question.
>Incidentally when is your programme on, and can it be received in the USA?

Via INTELSAT K, 601, ORION F1, PAS-1+3R and INTELSAT 706 heavy digital
traffic is running from east to west and the opposite way. Beside DVB and
DigiCipher, NTL 2000 and 3000 is used and also PowerVu from S.A. So, you
would need quite a lot of boxes in order to see all of them. Very often you
will find MPEG-2 in SCPC with 5.632 Msymb/sec and a FEC 3/4.
At this moment only commercial receivers are available (Fuba OVD 668-2 and
TV/Com) on this side of the Atlantic. The only affordable receiver I know,
is the PANSAT IRD 520 in a special SCPC-version, but difficult to get one.
Maybe you have some more ideas. Please let us know.

drdish@tv uses in the ku-band the DFS-II satellite with a narrow beam above
central-Europe. The next show on november 8th could be transmitted also via
the c-band of a russian Gorizont-satellite. If the oribtal position of
11°west is used, then you will get our funny program. More details on the
choosen satellite I will know on monday and we make it public on this pages.

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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