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>Dear Dr Dish,
>Thanks for all your advice via the net and Tele-Satellite. I am looking forward
>to being able to purchase Dr Dish@TV tapes as of course down here in Australia
>we can't see you live.
> Anyway on to my question:
>In Tele-Satellite 7-8/96 (DX-Corner) you reviewed the Digitex threshold
>demodulator. One example you gave as you reviewed this unit was that you had a
>dramatic improvement with the video on Insat 1D. You noted that sound was less
>than optimal but that an audio processor would make light work of that problem.
>Can you refer me a suitable audio processor for the following situation. I 
>MTV Asia via Palapa C2M. This transponder is not on the Australia beam and is
>weak on my 3 meter dish here in Sydney. My Palcom 8700RP cleans up the video
>really well with it's threshold extender (TED Mode) but the audio is noisy even
>on narrow audio bandwidth. Is there a audio processor that works well for 
>Most of the reveiws I have seen for the types of processors used by shortwave
>listeners are designed for speech only. I understand the dynamic range will be
>effected but I am not looking for Hi-Fi quality as I am just using the mono TV
>How does such a processor attach to the receiver? Is it as simple as connecting
>it to the audio out jacks?
>Mark Fahey - Freemans Reach, Australia. 
If you just looking for plain radio-sound without distortion, then the audio 
processor from the german company NTI (he also produces the Digitex) will do 
the job just fine. The original bandwindth of the audiosignal should not be 
more then 380 kHz. The connection to the satellite receiver goes via the 
baseband-connector. Now the sad side of the story: with around 1200 
Deutschmark it is not a bargain.
If you like to contact Mr. Ille from NTI: NTI, P.O.Box 103, D-79507 
Loerrach/Germany, Fax: +49-7621-18840.

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