Re: Satellite TV in the USA

>Dear Dr. Dish:
>I've just moved from NL to Vermont, USA.  My impression of satellite TV 
>in Europe is that one can receive many national broadcastings free (after 
>buying the dish of course).
>When I ask a dealer in the USA if there are any uncoded/unscrambled 
>broadcasts from satellites over the US, I always get "I don't know" or 
>"no-your must by a monthly service contract to receive anything".  What 
>is the truth?  Their vagueness gives me the idea that there are 
>broadcasts to receive for free.
>Alan Moore
>Bristol, VT 05443

With a larger c-band dish you will receive in the US many free of charge 
signals on satellite. A dealer will allways try to sell you some 
program-packages, because he makes a living from this.
Have a look into the international frequency list of TELE-satellite magazine 
(7-8/96) or check the SATCODX-pages via TELE-satellite online.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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