Re: Dish Alignment Tools

>Q: Could you please list for me the proper tools required for aligning a
>10' dish system? I live in an area were wind is always a problem and
>the dish is located at the top of a 23 foot pole and always seems to 
>become misaligned despite my best attempts to anchor the dish in place.
>Also, what is the best routine or manual to assist me in this process?
>				Thanks in advance.

To explain here the whole work, it would take some pages. So, why not buy 
"Ku-Band Satellite TV - Theory, Installation and Repair" written by Frank 
Baylin and Brent Gale. This book is full of information about all aspects 
securing dishes in high-wind aereas.
It is published by Baylin Publications, Boulder, CO 80302, USA (ISBN: 
0-917893-10-7 or LCCCN: 86-070984)
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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