Re: Cameroon

>I would like to know the optimal charateristics for
>electronic tools to be used with 3.6m diameter dish in Africa
>(particularly in Cameroon) for Tv satellite programm reception.
>Could you indicate me some companies (Worldwide) purchasing the
>material corresponding (dish excluded-they are contructed in
>Thanks for replying,
>Jean-Celestin YAMEGNI.
Dr.Dish: It would be wise to install a feed and lnc for c- and ku-band. The 
new PAS-4 delivers programs to the African countries in the ku-band. The 
c-band is important for reception of INTELSAT 701, 601, K, EXPRESS and 
GORIZONT. In TELE-satellite magazine are many companies listed which will 
provide you with the proper hardware.

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