Re: Computer sattelite system

>Can we use personal computer (apple) with the sattelite system in oder to 
>tranfer and recive data, if can please give the model of the product 
>,detail(list of equipment i have to buy), price list, usage and where can 
>i get this equipment. Thank you for your help.
>ps: from 
>     name: peter
>     country: malaysia
>     e-mail address: qawiem@pl.jaring.my
Dr.Dish: Some receivers do have a data-interface: Chaparral, Radix, HTS and 
some models from Echostar. If you study the test-reports in TELE-satellite 
magazine, itīs easy to find out which receiver is suitable for your needs. 
One problem ist software. Only few manufacturers offering software and you 
have to do all by yourself. Chaparral at least has some good software for 
the 140 and 115 models. Radix offers the same service.

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