October 17, 1997.



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China has succesfully launched a telecommunication satellite for Hong Kong's
APT Satellite Holdings Ltd. early Friday morning from Xichang's Space Center.
The Long March 3B rocket lifted the Apstar 2R into orbit.
Apstar 2R, with an operational life of 15 years, is expected to begin its commer-
cial operation in mid-November, the ATP Satellite Company said.
The Apstar 2R satellite will be located at 77 East.
Apstar 2R uses the FS-1300 communication satellite built by Space Systems/
Loral Inc. This satellite has 28 C-band transponders with the TWTA power 60 W
and 16 Ku-band transponders with the TWTA power 110 W.
The C-band footprint will cover four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and Austra-
lia. Apstar 2R's high power capability enables a wider coverage of regions than
Apstar 1 and Apstar 1A.
The Ku-band footprint of Apstar 2R will mainly cover China (including Hong Kong,
Macau and Taiwan). Apstar 2R has two Ku-band high power transponder beams.
Beam #1 is designed mainly for VSAT telecommunications networks. The Ku-
band frequencies will not interfere with the microwaves frequencies of the terres-
trial networks, thus enabling the ground stations to be located anywhere, even
within urban areas. 
Beam #2 is designed specially for Direct TV broadcasting using receiving anten-
nas of only 0.5 m. This is especially suitable for use on coastal areas and islands
in southern China.
APT Satellite also said that before the launch of Apstar 2R fifty percent of its
transponder capacity was already leased or committed. The company expects 
the satellite's lease-out rate to increase further once it is operational.
(Daily News of the Chinese World, APT Home Page).

For more information please see the Home Page of the APT Satellite Holdings
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