Over-writing of channels on Thor2

 22nd July,1997 :-

 Quickie Observation....

  Several people have pointed out in the satellite-related Usenet groups
  that ,using Nokia digital Boxes (9500 or 9200),they can easily install either
  the Filmnet Package on 11.278 MHz  **or**  the Nordic package on
  11.174 MHz but not both. What happens is that one overwrites the other.
  Again most people blame this on a bug in the Nokia software.
  I have found that exactly the same thing happens using an Italian
  Seleco Digital receiver which has different hardware and software !!
  I believe the PID's for some of the channels within both multiplexes
  are similar or identical  -so the receiver can't distinguish between them.
  Once again this doesn't just happen on Nokia receivers  -so if it's a
   "software bug" as some have called it,it's a pretty pervasive one.
   Has anyone tried on a different manufacturer's receiver  (i.e. other
   than Nokia & Seleco)  ???
  Please email me if you have further info.
 Nokia 9200's are now appearing with CAM's fitted.UK trade price
 (you have to add VAT to this) is around 350UKP  -i.e. 50 UKP adder
  for the (Irdeto) CAM.
  Not much use without a smartcard,of course.

  That's it for now.

  Chris Muriel,Manchester

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