Yes Galaxy has departed its transponders 10 and 11 on Optus B3

The Galaxy Service on Optus B3 ceased transmission sometime after 0600
Australian Eastern Time Thursday morning. Others may have the actual second
recorded. 12.376 Ghz. H Tp 10 and 12.438 Ghz H Tp11 are gone for the
present. There were analogue colour bars there briefly a short time later.

This is the present lineup of FTA channels only programme names have been
changed. There could be a new transponder commissioned for some of the
other Galaxy services not covered at present.Definition not quantity could
be the new regimen as pictures are of good quality an improvement from poor
to fairly good.

The Lineup.
The top one is Titled TNT but it does share with Cartoon Network.

12564 H Austar/ Optus Vision Tests      MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

TNT/Cartoon Network       V 512 A 650
BBC World                 V 513 A 651
TVSN                      V 514 A 652
CNBC                      V 515 A 653

The following Lineup has changed pids remain the same. 12626 H Optus Vision
Tests       MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

Disney                    V 512 A 650
Movie 1                   V 513 A 651
Movie Extra               V 514 A 652
Movie Greats              V 515 A 653
MTV                       V 516 A 654
Sports Australia          V 517 A 655
AFL Sports                V 518 A 656
ESPN                      V 519 A 657

This lineup remains unchanged.
12689 H Austar  MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

Fox Sports                V 512 A 650
Showtime                  V 513 A 651
Encore                    V 514 A 652
TV1                       V 515 A 653
Arena                     V 516 A 654
Channel V                 V 517 A 655
Nickelodeon               V 518 A 656
Discovery                 V 519 A 657
Fox Sports 2              V 520 A 658
Lifestyle Channel         V 521 A 659
Comedy Channel            V 522 A 659
World Movies              V 523 A 660
Announcements             V 524 A 661
CMT                       V 525 A 662

That is an interim list for now we will have to wait and see what
eventually transpires on this bird.
Just to let you know  The Indonesians are still on Palapa C2 as are the
Chinese on Asiasat 2.
If you are reading this and you have a digital receiver but no Ku facility
you could possibly be a little frustrated with this lot just as the viewers
who have Ku facilities but no digital receiver. I suggest you go out and
buy what you are lacking so as to save yourselves some unnecessary stress.
<<<<<<<<<IT WILL NOT LAST>>>>>>>>>
Having said that there is little danger in investing in a digital FTA
receiver that is DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) compliant.

DVB will be a subject ov another newsletter, I hope to tell you abit about it
There is DVB-T and DVB-S.
There are occasionally articles in Telesatellite that explain these
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Cheers for now and dont forget there is a C band out there as well.

İMay 1998 Bevin Boden and TeleSatellite

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