I had a dream last night.

I dreamt last night that I went home and saw about 26 channels of Pay TV on
my FTA DVB compliant digital receiver. What really upset me in this dream
was that it was about 5pm and I had to go to work at the drive in and show
movies to silly people that sit in cars and watch what I project.
I was still frustrated and I eventually got home and surfed through all my
channels and yes the dream was getting better there were a couple of people
on a train having social intercourse and I thought I saw Lucille Ball on
Then I looked at the TV week (not the American one) and all the pay
channels that were listed I could see, there was, Nickelodeon, Discovery,
TNT, BBC World, Comedy and lifestyle channelsfilms Fox Sports 2 of them
there.World Movies, well I could go on but this is what I would have seen
if it was real.

This is the latest lineup on Optus B3
The Galaxy service is still in existence as of the time of writing.

12564 H Optus Vision Tests      MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

        TNT                     V 512   A 650
        BBC World               V 513   A 651
        TVSN                    V 514   A 652
        CNBC                    V 515   A 653

12626 H Optus Vision Tests      MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

        Sports Aust             V 512   A 650
        ESPN                    V 513   A 651
        TNT aft 13.30 z         V 513   A 651
        Cartoon Network         V 514   A 652
        Sky News                V 515   A 653
        CNN                     V 516   A 654
        Movie 1 aft 13.00z      V 516   A 654
        Ovation                 V 517   A 655
        World Movies            V 518   A 656
        CNBC ident but          V 519   A 657
        Horizon programming is here.

12689 H Austar                  MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

        Fox Sports              V 512   A 650
        Showtime                V 513   A 651
        Encore                  V 514   A 652
        TV1                     V 515   A 653
        Arena                   V 516   A 654
        Channel V               V 517   A 655
        Nickelodeon             V 518   A 656
        Discovery               V 519   A 657
        Fox Sports 2            V 520   A 658
        Lifestyle Channel       V 521   A 659
        Comedy Channel          V 522   A 659
        World Movies            V 523   A 660
        Announcements           V 524   A 661
        CMT                     V 525   A 662

I think there will be other changes for instance The cartoon network is now on
12564 in the TNT slot but it is different programming to 12626 Cartoon Network.
When TNT is on it is also different programming

There are 18 channels listed in the Australis announcements
14 are already listed.
15 is TNT/ Cartoon Network
16 BBC World
I suggest the following frequency is shared by both services

12564 H Optus Vision/ Aurora Tests      MPEG 2 SR 29473 Fec 3/4

        TNT /Cartoon Network    V 512   A 650
        BBC World               V 513   A 651
        TVSN                    V 514   A 652
        CNBC                    V 515   A 653
The Austar package looks complete but the next few days will tell.

I have noted with interest various comments on the PayTV scene in Aust. As
at this moment (19/5/98) Optus is assembling a channel package on its B3
satellite for use by Austar when Galaxy goes off air. This is likely to
occur in the early hours of Thurs 20/5. Austar will have no access to the
conditional access system it uses courtesy of Galaxy, beyond that time. In
other words, for an indeterminate time it will not be encrypted! There is a
rumour that Optus may permit Austar access to some of its cable package,
creating a potentially large package!

Meanwhile Galaxy is for sale. Potential buyers are Optus, Austar, Foxtel
(ACCC permitting, unlikely), another consortium and PBL as they have first
right of refusal. If Optus buys it then it will be in the satellite pay
business too. Not sure what happens with the Austar deal in that case. All
may be revealed on Wed 20/5?? Optus had a set on channels on B3 for the last
few weeks in anticipation of Galaxy falling over but these have been
replaced (on different transponders) by the revamped Austar. Things change
daily on B3 at present but it will be worth watching if you've got the gear.

I will thank the sender of this  last note after I have contacted him as he
seems to suffer from the same hallucinations I do.
Well it is after 4.00 am on Wed 20/5 and I havent woken up from my dream yet.

Don't pinch me and we should all enjoy it while it lasts.
I do have sympathy for those people that have been forced out of an
industry that a lot of them were enthusiastic about.
Galaxy was a good idea that cost just a little too much each month.

Oh well back to my dreams.

Don't forget subscribe to Tele Satellite it's not encoded and is written in
english. They wont let Daimler Chrysler take them over either.

Copyright May 1998 Bevin BODEN

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