Happy Mothers Day

        Well I hope you have selected a nice big parabolic aluminium mesh
fruit bowl for mother on mothers day. Maybe you have bought one of those
new fangled digital receivers that picks up the Hallmark channel,,, and
look mum it picks up other stations as well.  Go out and buy her one of
those $9.00 subscriptions to Optus I have heard about. They are running
special Mothers Day movies all weekend.. It would be convenient to have
some of those extra channels and it's not like it's $40 a month. Hallmark
did well the other night as well they had a VERY good movie on,"ELVIS MEETS
NIXON". Mother also missed out on "Abbott and Costello meet KING KONG"...

        On the subject of other channels you could direct mother to all the
latest news on APTV on Asiasat 2. Thursday about 13.00z "Stand by for
Arafat arriving at 10 Downing St. With that done about 13.30z "Stand by for
Arafat leaving 10 Downing St. Mum would love that. Maybe she would prefer
to watch the press conference for that new company Daimler Chrysler. Maybe
I can call my rusty old Chrysler Valiant a Mercedes Benz now?

        For musical fans EMTV has good quality sound on Golden Mekim Musik,
Wednesdays at 09.30 z and CHM hits Thursday at 11.00 z. Mostly native style
but good viewing. One song I liked was Wan Kantri by the Barike Band. They
don't sell that record in Australia yet. While you are at it buy mother
some Pawa Klina from Courts. They even had lawn edgers advertisedfor
Mothers' Day. Oh! dont forget Fizz on Friday nights about 12.30 z. Will
somebody send me that blue shirt that Doris wears? The one with the EMTV
logo on it? I need it to compliment my Eternal Word network T shirt. Yes I
have worn it a few times along with my blue Pace cap  and people enquire as
to what they are all about.

When BMW bought Rolls Royce the British were a little miffed, I wonder how
the Germans feel about the latest merger. I know one German who is a little
skeptical of Superman and the American way. This brings me to my next item.

        Subscribe to Sat-Nd at Tags1.dn.net and get all the latest press
releases on satellite happenings around the world. He even gives Australia
a lot of space when there is news from down under.  I generally do not pass
on a lot of press releases as it is a bit like re-inventing the wheel.
Peter Klanowski has it established on the internet and newspapers and
television have been doing it for years.

Having said that I am into giving out information when it is sent to me.
David Benton
Manager of Public Relations
Loral Space & Communications
wrote to me and explained some of his companies activities.

This is really for those who are just discovering satellite TV
Loral Space & Communications, headquartered in New York City, is a high
technology company that primarily concentrates on satellite manufacturing
and satellite-based services, including broadcast transponder leasing and
value added services, domestic and international corporate data networks,
global wireless telephony, broadband data transmission and formatting,
Internet connectivity, digital audio radio services, and international
direct-to-home satellite services.

A bit like Daimler Chrysler who now have Trains and Boats and Planes.

The Globalstar system, comprising 48 low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites
and a global network of ground stations, will allow people in areas of
the world with inadequate or on-existing telecommunications
infrastructure to make or receive calls using hand-held, vehicle-mounted
and fixed-site terminals.  The Globalstar system will also provide data
transmission, paging, and facsimile services.  The first eight
Globalstar satellites were successfully launched on February 14, 1998,
and April 24, 1998, respectively.  Globalstar expects to launch a total
of 44 satellites by the end of the year.

These are just a couple of publicity extracts to give you an idea of JUST
how many satellites are likely to be up there in the next few years. If you
wish to know more you can possibly pass the rest of this session on the
internet looking at their other activities.

Thanks David for thinking of me.

Before you log off!!!!

        Subscribe to Satco DX weekly news updates. These can be accessed by
logging on to
and following the directions.

        Not to be outdone you could always give mother a subscription to a
nice glossy, colour, full of news and information satellite magazine. It
also contains many ideas as to what you could buy your mother for her
I speak of Telesatellite Magazine a bi-monthly trade magazine from Germany.
You can subscribe by sending me Your name and address and the equivalent of
$100 US.
That gives you 6 editions. The next one is due in my mailbox shortly. I
will let you know what mother missed by her not having a subscription.

Telesatellite Subscription Service
Po Box 263
South Australia 5043.

More info from Tony Cooke in the Solomon Islands.

>--- Palapa C2:  http://www.satcodx.com/palapac2.shtml
>SCTV - Surya Citra TV on 3,960 H has switched from PAL to B-MAC.
That's funny - my Pace MSS100 must've turned into a B-MAC receiver...perhaps
Darwin was right after all...evolution of the species...

Seriously however - SCTV do still broadcast in PAL for a fair portion of
thier programming (stuff you wouldn't bother watching) and there is some
form of encryption for certain programs ie NBA, Premier League Soccer,
movies etc etc.

Quite correct .. ANTEVE, RCTI, GMA, TVRI,... Well most of the Indonesian
and even Brunei and Singapore use encryption on what is considered
copyright material. Hallmark used beeps over certain words in Elvis Meets
Nixon.(Only one word was beeped out actually. But many times over..) The
word was substituted with BEEEP! if they were quick enough!

This is for those who have been sleeping under a rock. All the smart ones
have heard this before.

This time from Patrick Middleton in Geelong Victoria.

ANN KELLAN, CNN ANCHOR: A satellite called Asiasat 3, launched last
December, was one of many that end up floating uselessly in the wrong
orbit. But the company that built it isn't giving up on it.

John Holliman reports on their radical rescue plan.


JOHN HOLLIMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): There's nothing worse than
being in the wrong orbit, especially if you're a multi- million dollar
communications satellite. When a Russian rocket failed December 25th, it
left this satellite in a useless orbit.

Engineers at Hughes Space Company mission control had a big problem: the
satellite, designed for high-power satellite TV transmissions, does not
have enough fuel to boost itself to the proper orbit 23,000 miles from
Earth. It was spinning in this useless, egg- shaped orbit when the
engineers decided to do something not tried since the Apollo Moon landing
program: send the satellite to the Moon, using the gravity of Earth and the
Moon to slingshot it into the proper orbit.

myself included, but it's evolved. It's evolved into one of those things
that kind of went from, "Gee, I don't know, I don't think so," to, "Yeah,
maybe it's possible," to, "Yeah, we can do this."

HOLLIMAN: The satellite's onboard rocket motors will be fired several more
times in the tricky maneuver which will force the satellite into a weird
figure-eight movement around the Moon, and then back to planet Earth. If it
works, it will be the first time a commercial satellite has travelled to
the Moon, and the first time commercial operators have tried anything this
bizarre to bring a satellite into the proper orbit.

If everything turns out OK, the satellite will be able to broadcast signals
to people back on Earth, but after going to the Moon and back, nobody knows
how long it'll be useful.

John Holliman, CNN, Atlanta.


Looks like it may live again!!!

I suggest letting the radio amateurs have it for Amateur TV at least we are
into tracking moving satellites with our gear.

I think it is just another hoax like "Capricorn One".

If you dont think any of the above suggestions are suitable for Mothers Day
just look at the latest Dick Smith Catalogue. That is an electronics outlet
similar to the American Radio Shack.

I think I will buy my mother a Sherman Tank and a lawn mower.

Well you have a week to place those orders and I wish all mothers a
"Happy Mothers Day"

Cheers for now,

 copyright May 1998 by Bevin BODEN.

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