Mayday: The international distress call when life is iminent danger.
S.O.S:  The international distress call in morse code.
Best described as 3 short beeps followed by 3 long beeps and 3 short beeps.
S ... O --- S ...
Well to save my soul who has been watching what?
Ita has all been quiet of late with the exception of The Herbalife Network on

Palapa C2:  http://www.satcodx.com/palapac2.shtml
Baccarat Game Channel has left 3,860 V.
Nothing has been seen here except the odd ST Teleport colour bars since

Herbalife Broadcast Network has started on 4,080 H,
PAL/clear, 6,80 MHz, Wed 21:00-21:30 HKT.

To say this has started is with some caution...
It was also on 2 transponders on Pas 2 at the same time.
Watch Next Wednesday.

The Telesatellite competition.
The winner is Tony Cooke from the Solomon Islands.
I had a number of frivilous answers and I thought they wre good but you
can't get away from sincerity when you are asked what is the magazine
really like?
Well I think Telesatellite is great and I think Tony will get a kick out of
this issue as well. Congratulations Tony.

Optimism, pesimism and OPTUS.
Optus have been testing 2 8 channel bouquets on B3 of late. The signals
were FTA for about 3 weeks. It was then that I decided to invest 2.50 in a
TV Week. (A television magazine in Australia and quite something else in
the U.S.A.) This is a big decision for me as I have not bought the magazine
since it changed price to 3 shillings Aus. 32 years ago. Go home that night
and the sound was encoded (for want of a better explanation) the only sound
was on TVSN. So don't get too optimistic but the sound does come and go at
selected times on other selected times.AFL football is one.

Well the next issue of Telesatelite will be out shortly and has some
pictures of New Zealand in it i believe. It also comes complete with a
subscription form which you can return to me with US$100 and I will then
arrange that you receive a 12 months subscription, (6 copies) to the

My big dish is up and I can see something on all the analogue Palapa C2
listings now. Nothing too flash yet as I still have some subtle tuning to
do to a tree. A chainsaw will get the polarity right at least. I have
volunteered to help keep the neighbours trees from growing too wild as
well. (I am very helpful when it comes to my neighbours foliage..)

My thanks go to Peter Klanowski, the greatest  cynical pessimistic optimist
I know. You should subscribe to his newsletter and receive the latest in
satellite news from around the world. I say this as I generally do not get
my news from press releases altough Peter can be a couple of days ahead of
the newspapers. One of my future newsletters will be on pessimistic
optimism. Satellite TV is like that.

Oh well thats all for now, please heed my Mayday and let me know what is
doing down under at least.

 copyright May 1998 by Bevin BODEN.

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