A couple of freebies for now.

Patrick Middleton has been at it again.
Thanks for the info, I have been busy trying to assemble an article for
Tele Satellite. You see, I have no contributions in the magazine this

--- PAS 2 at 169E:  http://www.satcodx.com/pas2.shtml
Sky News has ceased on 12,287 V (MPEG-2), replaced by
Mediasat test card.

PIDs for TNT/Cartoon Network on 4,148 V: 04B4/058C,
is now encrypted.

Imparja TV and ABC Central on 12,300 V are both encrypted.

Patrick has been watching the optus saga as well..

Optus B3 at 156E:  http://www.satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml
PIDs for the Austar test cards on 12,689 H:
0200/028A and 0201/028B.

ABC NT has ceased with B-MAC transmissions on 12,469 V.

New digital Transponder started on OPTUS B3,

Looks like yet Another OPTUS VISION TEST, or is it the final resting place
of Aurora??

It is linked to the OPTUS VISION TESTS on 12,564H

12,470V. 30,000 Sym. 2/3 FEC.

Running Three Video channels:-

VPID:- 154, APID:- 155  ---    TVSN (TV Shopping Aust) with tone.


VPID:- 12C, APID:- 12D  ---  ABC TV (Australia) no audio

 Asiasat 2 at 105.5E:  http://www.satcodx.com/asia2.shtml
Hallmark and KIBC-TV on 3,940 V are NOT encrypted.
There was talk of them being encrypted.

Other happenings have been the brief appearance of Star Movies Japan and
Channel V on one of the sky bouquets on Asiasat 2.
At present and it has been this way for a couple of days Sky racing has
been FTA as well. For subscription details you can look at
skychannel.com.au for more info. This promo is not expected to last more
than a few days at the best.

3,785 V
The Rebar channel has changed from Rock Tv to what looks like a Chinese
version of CNBC. At least the logo in the corner is CNBC's

Thaicom 3:  http://www.satcodx.com/thai78.shtml

VTV 1,2&3 are still on this satellite but only with occasional feeds.
VTV 4 seems to have replaced VTV 1/3 on 3,610 H.I am not sure how correct
this is as yet but it seems that these are occasional feeds as well.

For those who only want facts and nothing flippant or things from the
lighthearted side of sat tvyou had better unsubscribe now or in future read
between the lines as as I have been asked what happened to my humourous

I tell you apart from a couple of unfortunate incidents in NZ ( I wish they
would let me know how they are getting on all I get is answering machines.)
it was a great trip and very informative.

We seem to have better satellite reception here in SA than the rest of
Australia. I have had a couple of people send me reception reports from
their sites and I would like a few more so as I can put them all up and we
can all see whether the grass is really greener on the other side.

No! this is not a race to say my system is better than yours, because I
know it is.
Thats all for now and get those reports into me if you have not already done so.

Cheers for now,
Watch EMTV while you can.

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