Audio Bits & Pieces.

Well the attachments (piccies of menus) with the Nokia rx did not work well
so I will have to work that one out. Maybe I ned to send them as seperate
If you want the pictures of the menus for the Nokia rx I can send them to
you if you write to me personally.

This time Mark Fahey writes,
Audio Bits & Pieces:

The 2R audio channel of BBC World on PAS2 is used by the London control room
to advise various cable operators etc. the times of upcoming commercial
breaks. They count down into and out of each break. During the stretches of
programming between the breaks this audio channel is silent. The 2L channel
is used for the BBC World Japanese feed with Japanese translator language
audio for some programs.

Kind of reverse is an English audio feed on the NHK transponder on PAS2. The
6.60MHz audio on NHK is the regular Japanese while 7.80MHz is used for
English. If there is no English audio available during a program 7.80MHz
carries the regular Japanese audio. English is available during some of the
evening newscasts and always during the Sumo broadcasts.

Thanks to Mark for that bit of info. Something else for everyone to try out.

I must go home and see what is offering on satellite tv.
All the best till next time,

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