Re: B&O without polarizer

Boris Suman :

> I have satellite receiver Bang-Olufsen beosat RX 3026.
> >From this rec. I cannot get vertical polarisation.
> It is manufactured 1989g.
> There are no outputs for any type of polarizer,and
> IF inputs are french type(RF)
> Hope youll help me.
> Bye

It was been a real nice receiver, but today it is something from the
stone-age of satellite-tv. The tuner covers only the spectrum 950-1750
MHz and in this time many receivers worked on a OMT. This means two LNBs
(one for vertical and one for horizontal) where used and switched by 12V
or via two IF-inputs. Quite expensive this solution, but professionell.
You could a external polarizer interface, but since receivers today are
quite cheap, forget it. I use such a old receiver for constant
monitoring of a feed-signal via Intelsat.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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