Re: satellite dish in Brewster/Ten.

> city: brewster, Tenn
> questions: I am brand spank'n new to this sattelite thing. Can you
> lead me to where I can find info on installation of the dish itself???
> what info i do have is as clear as tenn.mud. I'm told to posistion the
> dish generally toward the south west...but the sats. have locations of
> 87 degrees to about 116 d's. any compass will quickly tell you that
> that does'nt make sense..also is the initial dish setting at the
> center of it's pivot axis or to the right or left side...It maybe
> simple to all of you
> country: usa
> street: 3s327 hamms
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> -------------------------------------------------------

You dont need any compass. To adjust to the orbital position of all
available satellites bring the direction of the dish in line with the
polarmount. Adjust the elevation to 53.18 degree. The declination of
5.13 degree (adjustable mostly oon the top of the polarmount near the
back of the dish) leaves the polarmount at 53.18 degr., but brings down
the dish to 48.05 degrees.
Now, choose on your positioner/receiver the GE-2 satellite and go to
NASA-TV (3.880 vertical). This channel carries always some signal. Turn
very carefully the whole dish and mount on the pole to the south until
you see NASA-TV. Fasten all screws and start to search for other
satellites. Since the GE-2 satellite is your correct south-direction
only minor adjustemnts have to made to receive the most eastern and
western satellites. A complete list of all satellites - seen from your
location (apprx. 75 degree to the west and east) - you can find on the
satcodx-charts here in the net or in TELE-satellite International.
Thats all!

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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