Re. Nokia + DVB98

Hi Chris,
In meinem Nokia habe ich jetzt die Overflow-Software DVB98. Ist es
moeglich einen Teil der Daten mitzulesen und kann die s/w jetzt auch
Klaus Laehr

I installed the DVB98 in my Nokia. Can read additional data from the
channels and is this s/w able to work on NTSC?
Be shure you the latest version of DVB98. It must at this moment v.0018.
In case you got this version, your Nokia will receive NTSC properly.
Just go Menu 3, then press 3 for the video-menu.
You can read out the Network-Information and some additional data with a
terminal progran. Switch it to 38.4 and to 8N1. In the DVB98-menue press
6 (Data Download) and enter 1. Change the Log PID to 0011 (for all
Network-Info) and to 0012 for the text of the EPG. If you go to the
data-channels a lot can be done. Try different Log-PIDs, for instance
the PMT PID (found by pressing the Info-butto - for Nokia - and choose 1
for channel info). itīs a nice game.
look out for version 0019. Maybe some surprise is inside this software.
Dr.Overflow is working hard and he just invented the 32hour-day ...

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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