Re:SDR-1000 Data-Receiver?

During last fridays drdish@tv show you asked the viewers for help to
understand a undocumented data-terminal, called SDR-1000. I own the same
receiver (found also on a electronic flea-market). Did you get any
response about the features of this receiver?
F.Deltgen, Eindhoven

Yes, a very helpful viewer found the homepage of VPC
<http://www.vpcvalley.com>. The SDR-1000 Data-Receiver is still offered
and you will find on this pages the complete data-sheet and a short
installation manual.
But the problem is: how to change the frequency with the micro-switches
(beside the tuner)? The FM-squared data is transmitted on the
audio-offeset of a channel (1.2 to 64 kb), but you have to know on which
satellite and transponder in order to do some experiments. To get this
information will be the main-problem, because satcodx does not list
The tuner runs up to 1750 MHz. This means you have to use an old lnb
with a LOF of 10 GHz and the receiver was been used in Europe, since the
main-supply is switched to 220V/50Hz.
Since we both share the same problem letīs ask the readers of this
service for additional information:
1. How to programm the correct receiving frequency with the inner
micro-switches 0f the SDR-1000?
2. Who collected data-transfers on audio-offset (Ku-band) for region 1?

Thanks for any help!

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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