Re: new digit. c/ku-band programming idea

 The following idea we received from Sameer H.Hammad and would like to
pass it on to interested readers of this service:

> dear dr. dish.
> I found some interresting thing,
> few technicians insert 00000 instead of the LNB L.O freq. and then
> insert the IF freq. instead of the down link freq.
> So they can combine both C and KU channels and prog. them using one 0
> / 12 volt switch to the receiver i/p. this could be usual or normal .
> but why to do this with receivers which has LNB settings?
> The answer was that those receivers( DIGITAL RECEIVERS ) either do not
> have 22KHz tone or stick to the LNB settings you enter as the default
> value and do not stick the LNB settings to the Boquet it self. so if
> you have C/Ku laike C band from asia sat 2 and ku from arabsat 2A 1st
> net, they bring an lnb ku high band with local oscillator 11.300 and
> calculate that 1st net freq 12604-11300 that is the freq to inter. and
> then they find the channels.
> Sameer hammad
> Sameer H.Hammad


Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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