DVB98-Project: First Impressiones

DVB98 (eine deutsche Version des Berichtes folgt)
The software-project DVB98 by "Dr-Overflow" is written for all Nokia
based digital receivers. Not even one bit is left from the original
software and this piece is written straight-forward. Making this
receiver to a very fast machine and with more then 1000 channel
capacity. DBB98 ist still in a experimental stadium and the early
release should not be used by the general public, but much more by the
specialists in order to provide dr.Overflow with additional ideas and
information to complete this fine project.

Loading DVB98.
The best loader I could find was been the TRANSBOX
(http://www.mascom.de). In a few minutes the download is done in the

A first look:
After 3 ugly sculls disappear from the screen, the MENUE-button (if you
use a d-box, otherwise it is the GUIDE-button) opens the
on-screen-display. The pink-colored screen will be changed in future
versions. Also the not easy to read letter-types. In General Setup the
LOFs  for c/ku-low and high are defined. Also the switching frequency
between high and low. The deafult speed of the COM is set to the proper
38400 baud.
Some ASTRA default channels are implemented, so AUTO SAT-SEARCH would be
the next step. If you are living in an aerea out of ASTRA-reach, you
have to install manually the data of one package, save it and start then
the automatic search.
The DVB98 is very fast in changing channels, but need some time for
automatic search, because the software collects everything on the way.
Radio- TV and data are written into the memory. At this early version
there is no separation between radio and tv. During search the display
informs constantly about the status: how many transponders are searched,
which programs are found and how many tv- radio and data are on each
transponder found. At the same time the screen display video of each new
channel or sound for radio-channels. After loading all available
channels, the display shows a log of all results.
In this early version it is wise to reset everthing, if moving to a
another satellite,because a real channel administration will offerd in
later versions, but at this moment one can delete channels replace them
and examine them
New to a satellite receiver is the mode FROZEN, STEP FOR STEP and SLOW
MOTION. And this works just fine!
DATA-DOWNLOAD allows with PID 0011 the reading of the complete Service
Description Table (SDT). This done by connecting a PC with a terminal
program (38.4, 8N1).

SCPC and C-Band.
Yes it works! But for SCPC the correct PIDs are needed. DVB98 allows the
storage of PIDs in HEX or DEC. A final version - I am sure - will do
this automatically. SCPC-siganls are found very fast. No problems
occured on c-band. Some of the PowerVu-channels could be seen, others
not. We could not test the software on NTSC, but Dr.Overflow got
allready reactions from region2 with some positive reports. Even from
users with receivers of similar aechitecture as the Nokia, but we do not
know the names of the receivers. So, some more information from the
other side of the great water and also from down-under would be very

Using the + or - button, the volume is controlled on both channels.
Pressing in audio-mode 1, one can adjust the volume of the right or 2
the left channel.

DVB98 is not interacting with any CAM or card! It is pure free to air!

We tested the version 00.0002 on a older  d-box, a 9200 and a 9600
without any problem. Naturally there has to be done quite a lot, but the
architecture and open structure makes it easy to upgrade this software
constantly. Serious ideas and information should be send directly to:
DVB98@swol.de and the results of first tests to: drdish@drdish.com. We
will publish all reports in this service and keep you up-to-date about
further developments of this great idea. For the next drdish@tv show in
March 98 I am preparing a report direct from the underground of
Please remember, the DVB98-software is written with a lot of time
investment and  the killing of some receivers. Dr.Overflow do not charge
anything for the experimental use of the software. So letīs help him a
little bit in giving support in any way.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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