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Here are the details of drdish@tv-live on next friday (Febr. 13/1998).
Satellite: DFS-II at 28.5 degr. east
Transponder: 11.550 v
Audio: 6.65
Time: 20.00 to 23.00h (CET)

Ask Dr.Dish live

Space News with John Locker

Human ashes in space
Crook  offers again the ultimate "decoder"
New Software
HRPT-WX-reception self made
Mikeīs digital seminar
Dr.Overflows o-box
Technical solutions

New Products:
Stab DiSEqC v.4.2 H2H actuator
Final version Strong STR4000 (digital)
RAI-Dekoder from K-Sat
Egis AutoTracker III

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drdish@tv am Freitag, d. 13. Februar 1998:

Fragen an Dr.Dish (live)
John Lockers Space-News

Bertrüger bietet wieder Wunderdekoder an
Menschliche Asche im Weltraum
Neue Software
HRPT-Wetterbilder im Selbstbau
Bericht: Mikeīs Digital Seminar
Die "o-box" von dr.Overflow
Technische Ideen

Neue Produkte:
Stabīs H2H-Motor unter DiSEqC 4.2
Strong SRT 4000 digital (endgültige Version)
K-Satīs RAI Dekoder
Egis AutoTracker III

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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