Re: Receiving Digital signal from Galaxy 7 at 91West

landtrain nig ltd wrote:
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> >   Dear Dr. Dish,
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> >   I wrote you a few days ago but maybe you sent your answer to a different
> > mail address.  I am presently here in Kano, Nigeria working as a pilot. I
> > from the US and I brought with me my RCA 18 inch Dish System. I think Gala
> > 7 is the satellite this system is designed to use but I don't think I can
> > see the satellite from here. Any suggestions, or am I wasting my time >
> trying. Also are there any other satellites that you know of that this >
> system is capable of receiving or is the system designed only to be used
> > with the DirecTV and USSB programming. Thanks for your wisdom Doctor, >
> standing by for your diagnosis.  Ronald S. Greene
> >

Sorry, no way to receive one of this services, because the Galaxy is
behind the horizon and your receiving-system is not able to receive
programs, beamed by Intelsat, Pamasat or others zu Africa. A 10 feet
dish with a ku/c-band feed and a analogue receiver would be the best, in
order to receiver a lot of free channels down in Nigeria
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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