Dr.Dish-Weekly				Dec. 14, 1997

Dangerous cards
Swiss cheese
SCPC from the first day
drdish@tv on DW-TV

Dangerous cards
After showing the first working illegal smartcards for digital sat-tv in
fridays broadcasting of drdish@tv, the german magazine DER SPIEGEL
carries a full report.
BETA-Research is currently investigating a possible inside-leak says one
source. Insiders know better: "...it is not a leak at Beta, but the
weakness of the IRDETO-system."
Not only pay-tv is affected by the hack, but also some business channels
and here lies the real danger of the hack.

Swiss Cheese
Another first in fridays drdish@tv was the proof of leaky US-military
satellites in the UHF-band. The transmitted data on this satellites is
secure, but not the access to several transponders. Here the satellites
behave like a swiss cheese: with a lot of holes. Access can be achieved
with minimal technical equipment. Pirate-communications are common
between Europe and the US. A full report appears in the next issue of
TELE-satellite-International, which on sale on the end of december.

MIR will get this days a little sub-satellite. This device will circle
the space-station and transmitting video-images of possible further
damages. This means during the next days Altair-2 should be active again
on 10.830 GHz. The sound is in TDM, which can be detected by using a
audio-receiver covering the range between 0 and 10 MHz and working in AM
and SSB. (For the proper connections: have a look in older issues of

Illegal copies on CD-Rom of the very well known program D-REMOTE
(controlling NOKIAS digital receivers and the german d-box) are
distributed by a dutch and a belgian satellite equipment company. This
illegal software is infected by a virus. Owners of such a cd-rom should
contact <sat-soft@gmx.de> for help.

SCPC from the first day
The Lemon-"Volksbox" will be available in mid-january 98 to the public.
A full test-report appears in TSI 1-2/98. Against first reports about a
later scpc-version, a spokesman of Lemon now confirmed in a message to
drdish@tv,that the first serie of this receiver will be full
scpc-compatible. The "Volksbox" is the first receiver, able to work on
analogoue and digital signals (sat-TV and radio). Two versions are
offered (with different displays) and the price-tag hangs between 1100
and 1200 Deutsch Marks.

drdish@tv on DW-TV
Living out of footprint of the DFS-II satellite and never seen
drdish@tv? Then watch DEUTSCHE-WELLE Tv on january 2, 1998. DW-TV shows
a feature about drdish@tv on this day. The english version comes at
18:30h utc and the german version at 16:30h utc-

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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