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ahmed wrote:
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> City: al-ain
> Questions: dr.dish please it is very important to answer me i will be
> going to my country in the middle east
> and i want to by a digital decoder i have a high budget
> and i want to by the best
> mpeg-2 reciver the brands i have seen include nokia
> d-box,nokia media master ,pace,sagem and the sony dss
> if you please could
> reply to me as soon as possible because i'am confused
>  and give me information
> on where i can buy it because i'amm leaving america and
>  i will be going to england and france then to my country
> if the product
>   is in any of those countries please tell me
> i would like the reciver to have a CAM so that i can view
> free and encycrypted channels with self fec tunning and
> ie two satellites .Thanks
> Country: uae
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------Dr.Dish:
It is very difficult to say. For free to air I would say: NOKIA 9600S
(new version). The Common Interface is not included and does not work on
IRDETO yet. Only with Viaccess and Conax. No dangerous use of internal
menues is needed and most MCPC and SCPC are properly stored without
knowing the PIDs. It also works on free PowerVu-channels via Eutelsat
and Intelsat 803 (Thanks ED Bach in Danmark for the info). 8 different
types of satellites can be stored and DiSEqC is implemented.

The next true free to air receiver could be the new STRONG SRT 4000,
which we received today. The first impression is quite good. It stores
also different satellites and got DiSEqC and has a IF-loop-through. MCPC
and SCPC is no problem. It is the fastet receiver so far. But we still
have to do some more testing.
Pace is not suitable for your purposes and with Sony I do not have
experience. Sagem I got the chance to play around for only few hours,
but I think SCPC is not available. A whole list of available receivers
will appear in TSI 1/98.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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