Re: NOKIA 9600S CI. 1.01

Trevor Tucker wrote:

> Dear Christian,
> I have just purchased a Nokia 9600s here in the UK.
> You may be interested to know that the receiver sold here does not have the
> modem (the place for the socket is blanked) and the menu has the modem
> function greyed out - maybe it has a modem but no socket, I don't know. The
> software version of my receiver is CI. 1.0.
> I have found the receiver to give excellent pictures and sound, but the
> software controlling the storage of channels is very bad, especially if used
> with a multi-satellite system - but you know this.
> The manual say's that the infrared remote system has the ability to transmit
> as well as receive (for video recorder use), It occurred to me that if this
> is the case, it should be possible for a programmer to write some software
> to send an IR code to an analogue satellite receiver instructing it change
> channels, and of course move the dish and switch the LNB, this would make
> the receiver very much easier to use.
> Two questions that I have for you are:
> How do I receive 'power vu' channels. Do I still need to use the red menu
> for this?
> What should I enter for the PCR PID?
> Thank you for the many hours of interesting reading in Tele Satellite
> magazine. I try to watch your show but unfortunately a large tree is in the
> way of the signal, perhaps now that winter here, it will be a better signal.
> Best Regards
> Trevor Tucker.
All 9600S are coming without modem, because it is free to air. A 9601
comes with modem (for telefonica, Spain). There is no crucial difference
between v.1.00 and 1.01. On multisatellite-systems all digital-receivers
are a pain..., but we hope to offer some solution in our next drdish@tv
show. Hopefully!
Your idea about controlling the analogue main-receiver with the 9600 is
great. I hope some people with experience read your comment and come out
with some practical ideas.
Some of the PowerVu I tried are working just fine, but I need a little
more time for testing, since we have a pile up on testreceivers for the
next TSI and first comes the work for the daily bread.
For PCR just use the Video-PID. It works.
You are not the only one, fighting with large tress. I get ORION only in
the winter, when the leaves are gone. 

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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