Re: Digital channels in Saudi Arabia

Hello !

> please let me know what are the Digital channels i can receive here in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and one thing more.

Of course, all "domestic" satellites from Arabian countries - Arabsat 2A,
26East (1St Net package in Ku-band),
Nilesat 101 (7 West, Showtime and 1St Net, Ku-band). Also, Arabic pay-tv
channels are broadcasted from
PAS4 located at 68.5 East in Ku-band. 
Besides that, widebeam of Hot Birds 1,2,3 and 4 should be perfectly
receiveable with wide choice of programming,
from popular European music channels VIVA and VIVA 2 to Arabian packages
and Russian NTV. 

Also, try to point your dish to 100.5 East, where Asiasat 2 is located. It
has a very strong and wide C-band beam,
which should be receiveable for you. There you can find popular European
music channel MCM in MPEG-2/Clear,
plus some other interesting channels. 

In case you have a big dish, high quality entertainment, movie and music
channels are broadcasted from 
PAS4 satellite in C-band, under the name of Multichoice Africa. The package
is big and interesting,
and is also hacked, pirate cards exist.

In case you're interested in particular kind of digital channels (music,
films, entertainment),
send me a request, and I will try to help you to find what you're looking

> Is there any way to break the encription of ART Channels and Orbit, which
broadcating here in middle east if so please let me know because i have
heard that there are some tools and software avilable in europe for hacking
the code.

I didn't hear anything about any software for hacking ART or Orbit, but one
from Middle East is hacked for sure - it is Showtime. Pirate cards were
for quite a long time, while the manufacturers of such cards had
empty(clean) cards.
Now they do not have any and stopped to produce them. Maybe sometime
later this hack will be back.

Best wishes
DX Nickolas
Head of SATCO DX Rus
Editor of TELE-Satellit
Moscow, Russia

e-mail: rus@satcodx.com

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