Re: Astra reception in Moscow

Hello !

> I want to receive Astra in Moscow. Do I need 1.5m dish, or 0.9m will do?
I live on 22/22 floor, windows straight to west, no balcony. Do you know
somebody who can > sell+install me the equipment (cheap of course :) Maybe
decrypter too.
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Vladislav

Most likely you will be receiving Astra satellites from 19.2 degrees east
in case you 
install your dish on the window somehow, but I would advise you to install
it on the
roof of your house. Because with 0.9m dish in Moscow you will be able to
only ASTRA 1F in horisontal polarisation. Probably some analogue channels
from ASTRA 1E (10.7-10.9 Ghz) will be visible too. For majority of digital
broadcasted from ASTRA 1G (11.7-12.1 and 12.5-12.75 Ghz) you will need at
1.6m dish, and still, with this variant not all channels will be received.
In case 
you would like to receive almost all digital channels from 19.2 East
install 1.8-2.0m dish, in this case you will receive both horizontal and
vertical tps of ASTRA 1G and horizontal tps of ASTRA 1F. Vertical
of ASTRA 1F require a really huge dish, more then 3.5m. With analogue
channels from ASTRAs 1A and 1C it is almost the same, and you can't
receive ASTRA 1B in Moscow with any dish.

Please send me the list of channels from Astra satellite system
you're mostly interested in, so I could advise you the perfect set.

Best wishes
DX Nickolas
Head of SATCO DX Rus
Editor of TELE-Satellit
Moscow, Russia

e-mail: rus@satcodx.com

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