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NASA/NORAD number: 20437
Launch Date: 21 or 22 January 1990, Kourou, French Guiana, Ariane V-35.
Orbit type: Circular LEO, inclination 99 degrees, altitude 786/805 km.
Payloads: PACSAT Communications Experiment (PCE).
Transponders: Mode JD?, 435.070 MHz, 9600 bps FSK, 1.5W normal, uplink 145.975 (AX.25).(K9NG/G3RUH format).
Antennas: 145 MHz linear polarization, 435 MHz linear polarization.

Notes: Built at University of Surrey (UK). UOSAT-D. Co-launched with UO-15, SPOT-2, and the microsats (Oscar 16-19). Originally intended for amateur use. Later (1992) switched with UO-22 for Satelife/VITA project (no longer in general amateur use).

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