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Launch Date: 21 December 1965, Cape Kennedy, FL.
Orbit type: Elliptical, inclination 26 degrees, altitude 160 km/ 34000 km.
Stabilization: Spin generated by a spring on separation from launchvehicle.
Payloads: Transponder. Beacon (432 MHz).
Transponders: 144 MHz uplink, 432 MHz downlink, 3W, 10kHz BW.
Telemetry: none.
Antennas: Sleeve dipole (432), monopole (144) (Estimated from photos).
Power: 10 W solar cells, battery.

Notes: Intended for high-altitude (18,000 miles) circular orbit. Launch vehicle failure left it in an elliptical orbit with perigee 100 miles. Built by TRW Radio Club.

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