About the Author

Carl Gregory, (amateur radio callsign K8CG), wrote WinOrbit in his spare time, as part of his hobby activities. In addition to programming, Carl spends some of his ham radio time listening to communications satellites with a very modest setup (presently, omnidirectional vertical antennas on 10, 15 and 2 meters). Additionally, he operates radioteletype (including AMTOR and PACTOR) on 18 and 20 meters. But mostly he enjoys "tinkering", building (or at least breadboarding) various devices such as preamps, test equipment, simple transmitters or receivers, not to mention software.

Carl works at the University of Illinois in Urbana, at the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, where he is responsible for the care and feeding of several NMR/MRI systems, as well as training of students and new project development.

Carl's formal education includes degrees in chemistry and physical chemistry, but he has taught himself electronics and programming in the 20+ years since he left college, aided in large part by the amateur radio hobby.

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Last Revised March 31, 1996.