WinOrbit: Related Software and Files

Related Software and Files

The programs and files on this page will enhance the use of WinOrbit by adding additional or updated information, or by allowing you to utilize information downloaded from the Web.

Keplerian Elements
These are data sets needed to predict satellite positions, used by WinOrbit and other programs. [Note to WinOrbit users: be sure to download the files as TEXT. Unix binary files will cause problems when attempting to import them into the database.] Here are some sources:

Format Converters
Utility programs to simplify conversion of Unix files to DOS format (see the italicized note above!):

Freeware Zip/Unzip software (I used version 5.1 to create the archive file):

Enhanced Data Files
Additional data or updates of files used by WinOrbit:

Note: both the above files have .TXT extensions, to avoid automatically overwriting your existing files. You'll have to rename them.

Enhanced Maps

Satellite Information

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