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Win a Prize - Competition at SATCO DX

Contribute to SATCO DX satellite chart and get a chance to win a prize. This
month's rallye ends on May 31st and you can win a socalled StopSpot 101,
which can stop the VCR from recording commercials.

SATCO DX satellite chart is built upon observations of satellite DXers
around the world, anybody can contribute. Each days best contribution to the
chart (new channel, new frequency, new Home Page link, etc) is rewarded with
a point, and the person with the highest score on May 31st gets the prize.

Satellite frequency chart of SATCO DX is unique in several aspects:

- it's worldwide
- it's updated daily
- it contains links to those satellite channels having their own Home Page
- it links to detailed technical information of each satellite (in
cooperation with "The Satellite Encyclopedia")
- it links to footprint of each satellite channel (if available on the net)
- it shows channel id logos (little pictures to see in advance what you can
expect to get on your big screen)
- it even offers a weekly update news service
- best of all: it's completely FREE

SATCO DX can be found here:


Weekly SATCODX news service (listing all changes to SATCO DX chart from one
week) is freely available to anybody by just emailing to this address:


leave subject line blank and in body text put:

subscribe satcodx

More information on the prize this month at SATCO DX, the SpotStop, can be
found here:


Sorry, this is in German only, but pictures speak for themselves.

Regular contributors to SATCO DX satellite chart get a daily news service
describing in detail what has been added to SATCO DX chart.

SATCO DX are the ones producing satellite charts for TELE-satellit magazine
and other fine publishers.

Point your browser to:


       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
URL:   http://www.TELE-satellit.com
FTP:   ftp.touch.net/pub/incoming

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