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Russian Satellite Home Page now Online

The first Russian language Satellite Home Page has gone online. It can be
found at:
and when you take a look at this site you'll note that you get a lot of
crazy letters on your screen, unless you've already switched your internal
screen fonts to so-called KOI8 fonts. These fonts are generally used amongst
Russian language web sites, and can be downloaded freely at many Russian sites.
Using KOI8 fonts your screen will display Russian Satellite Home Page with
cyrillic letters, and you'll find a frequency chart covering what you can
expect to get in Russian territory, you'll get a FAQ on receiving
satellites, plus you get a link to a Russian satellite news service.
The page is maintained by Serghey Kolosha of the city of Chelyabinsk;
Serghey is a regular contributor to TELE-satellit magazine.

       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
URL:   http://www.TELE-satellit.com
FTP:   ftp.touch.net/pub/incoming

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