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Thanks to Darrell Reed we got a much better version of my yesterdays press
release. So, please, use this one here for re-publishing:

First MPEG Receiver Test

There's a lot of talk about digital tv but, to date, nothing tangible to  
form an opinion of your own on. The European Satellite Magazine, TELE- 
satellit, has changed this with the recent publication of a test report on  
one of the first MPEG receivers used in Europe. Well, true, it did have to  
flown in from Australia! German broadcaster RTL was kind enough to offer  
its technical department to conduct the test. The report can be found in  
the January issue of TELE-satellit which just hit newsstands throughout  
Apart from that, the 200 pages magazine contains an excellent section  
listing details and footprints of all satellites worldwide. A unique  
reference chart for anyone connected to the worldwide satellite scene. If  
that's not enough - passively receiving satellites, that is - TELE- 
satellit's own Dr. Dish attempted to becoming a satellite owner. And he  
got lucky: for just a mere 4 million Dollar you can become a proud owner  
of your own satellite. A lenghty report in TELE-satellit gives details on  
how to achieve this.
If the full color magazine, printed on glossy paper, is not available at  
your favorite newsstand you can try to get a copy at one of the various  
regional outlets of TELE-satellit. More details can be found on TELE- 
satellit's home page at http://www.TELE-satellit.com

       Alexander Wiese

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