TS News - Hughes To Provide Russian Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 27 October 1997

Hughes To Provide Russian Satellite
  MOSCOW, Russia, 97/10/27 (TS) -- Hughes Space and Communications
International Inc. has been awarded its first Russian contract for a
telecommunications satellite, launch-vehicle services and ground-station
control equipment from BONUM-1. BONUM-1 is a subsidiary of Media Most, a
major private Russian media group, which is developing satellite
television-broadcasting services in Russia.  Financial terms were not

  The new satellite, which will bear the name of its owner, will be an HS
376 high-power model satellite and will provide digital direct-to-home
television services to the western part of Russia.  The satellite is
scheduled for delivery in-orbit in November 1998 and will be launched on a
Boeing Delta II launch vehicle.

  BONUM-1 will contain eight active Ku-band transponders, which, as a
result of digital compression technology, will be capable of providing up
to 50 channels using 75-watt traveling wave-tube amplifiers. It will be
located at 36 degrees East longitude and will have a service life of 11 years.

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