TS News - Apstar-IIR Launched

TELE-satellit News, 17 October 1997

Apstar-IIR Launched
  HONG KONG, 97/10/17 (TS) -- APT Satellite Holdings Limited says a Long
March 3B launch vehicle, built by China Great Wall Industry Corporation,
successfully launched the Apstar-IIR satellite into designated orbit at
3:13 am Hong Kong Time this morning. The satellite was launched in Xichang,
Sichuan province, China.

  Apstar-IIR, using an FS-1300 satellite with high power output built by
Space Systems/Loral Inc, is the third satellite of APT Satellite.  With an
operational life of 15 years, the satellite is equipped with 28 C-band and
16 Ku-band transponders with the TWTA power level of 60W and 110W
respectively.  Upon the completion of the in-orbit testing, APSTAR-IIR is
expected to begin its commercial operation in mid November 1997. 

  Before the launch of APSTAR-IIR, 50% of its transponder capacity was
already leased or committed.  APT Satellite expects that when Apstar-IIR is
operational, its lease-out rate will increase further.

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