TS News - RAI International Relaunches

TELE-satellit News, 17 October 1997

RAI International Relaunches
  ROME, Italy, 97/10/17 (TS) -- Two years after its launch, RAI's foreign
TV service called appropriately RAI International was relaunched on October
12th.  Many new programs have been introduced and the channel also has a
new logo designed by the Italian artist Ugo Nespolo.

  Among the new programs that will premiere on the channel are: "Radici"
(documentaries about the lives of famous Italians), "Opera club" (magazine
about melodrama), "Come eravamo" (Italian traditions), "Tour gastronomico"
(Italian cuisine) and "Primapagina" (review of the Italian press). RAI
International will also continue showing a selection of the best programs
of RAI's three terrestrial channels as well as live Italian football. The
news bulletins will soon be subtitled in various languages (among them
English and Spanish), depending on the coverage area.

  RAI International is currently available via satellite to over 6 million
viewers around the world, and there are plans to soon extend the coverage
to the African continent. The channel's director, Roberto Morrione recently
admitted that they are behind other international broadcasters such as BBC,
Deutsche Welle and CFI as far as global coverage, but said RAI hopes to
catch up in the near future. 

  By: Branislav Pekic
(c)TELE-satellit 1997. All rights reserved.

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