TS News - RAI Sat 2 To Debut First

TELE-satellit News, 19 September 1997

RAI Sat 2 To Debut First
  MILAN, Italy, 97/09/19 (TS) -- There has been a slight change of plan for
the launch of RAI's new thematic satellite channels. Instead of all three
new channels starting on September 29th, only Rai Sat 2, the children's
channel aimed will start broadcasting from that date. The educational
channel called Rai Sat 3 will follow on October 13th and finally on October
27th we will see the launch of Rai Sat 1, the arts and cultural service.
All three channels will broadcast as part of RAI's digital bouquet on the
Eutelsat Hot Bird 2 satellite.

  They will carry no advertisements and will not be scrambled. Any viewers
with a satellite dish and a digital satellite receiver will be able to
receive them. According to some estimates, there are currently between 90
and 100,000 digital receivers in Italy and it is expected that in two years
their number will reach one million. RAI has already signed several
programming deals, which total around 30 million DEM for each channel.
International accords have been signed with leading TV companies such as
BBC, Channel 4, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, National
Geographic TV, NVC Arts, ZDF and Arte. Check out the following web sites:
http://www.raisat.rai.it/ and http://www.raisat2.rai.it/ .

  By: Branislav Pekic

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