TS News - Iridium Launches More Satellites

TELE-satellit News, 15 September 1997

Iridium Launches More Satellites
  WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 97/09/15 (SatND) -- A Proton rocket successfully
carried seven Iridium satellites into orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in
Kazakhstan, marking Iridium LLC's fifth successful launch in five months.
The seven satellites are part of Iridium LLC's 66-satellite wireless
personal telecommunications network designed to offer full global coverage
through a variety of communications services, including voice, data, fax
and paging. These seven satellites join the 22 that are already in orbit.

  The Proton rocket lifted off the launch pad today at 9:36:54 p.m. Eastern
Daylight Time. Satellite separation occurred approximately 88 minutes after
lift-off. The seven satellites will be manoeuvred into their respective
positions within the fifth orbital plane of the satellite system, enabling
significant testing of various aspects of the space system ranging from
inter-satellite links to communications with subscriber equipment.

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