TS News - MTV2 To Launch September

TELE-satellit News, 24 August 1997

MTV2 To Launch September
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 97/08/24 (TS) -- Hungary's second TV channel, MTV2, is
set to begin satellite broadcasting to Europe in September. TELE-satellit's
Hungary correspondent, Tamas Nyitrai, reports the satellite transmission
will take place on Eutelsat Hot Bird 3 at 13 degrees East, transponder 71,
12.130GHz in PAL clear. The audio will be available on 6.60MHz subcarrier
with additional sound as follows: 7.02 - Hungarian stereo left  / Hungarian
mono; 7.20 - Hungarian stereo right / Original mono; 7.38 - yet to be
decided; 7.56 - yet to be decided.

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