TS News - Koreasat-3 To Launch On Ariane

TELE-satellit News, 21 August 1997

Koreasat-3 To Launch On Ariane
  SEOUL, South Korea, 97/08/21 (SatND) -- South Korea has chosen
Arianespace for the launch of its latest telecommunications satellite. An
Ariane rocket will boost Koreasat 3 into orbit in mid-1999. Dr. Gye-Soon
Lee, Executive Vice President of Seoul-based Korea Telecom, and Jean-Marie
Luton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arianespace, today announced
the signing of the launch contract.

  Koreasat 3, the third telecommunications satellite operated by Korea
Telecom, will ensure the continuity and expansion of telecommunications
services offered by this operator. Built by Lockheed Martin
Telecommunications in the United States, Koreasat 3 will weigh 2,790 kg
(6,138 lb) at lift-off, and will have 46 Ka- and Ku-band transponders.
Arianespace has already launched two Korean technology demonstration
microsatellites, Kitsat-A in August 1992 and Kitsat-B in September 1993, as
auxiliary passengers. With this launch contract, the 13th of the year,
Arianespace now has 46 satellites on order to be launched.  

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